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  • Game Servers

  • 2020-05-01
    I just spoke with Jason via Live Chat about Oorah Gaming coming back and I am SOOOOO excited, I've got goosies! The ONeil Online network is the best. I've been gaming online via steam for over 10 years and of all the game server providers out there I get the lowest pings from every location ONeil Online has. I don't have the knowledge of how to run a game server and maintain one, so I trust my game servers with Oorah Gaming, the game server brand of ONeil Online. Previously when they were BIG everyone loved them because they sponsored clans and online communities, and to have such awesome performance, I love them! I look forward to joining back up with them! I can't wait! Hurrry!

  • The Best Game Server Provider

  • 2016-08-11
    What I love about Oorah is their support for beta or experimental branches. I am a big gamer and play alot games from month to month. I have requested 3 times now for a beta branch to be available and oorah has always delivered. They create a custom link within tcadmin so I can choose which branch of the game I want to play, so I can change it anytime I want. This is awesome because I don't have to go through them to change game branches. As soon as the game version is loaded I'm off and running. Oorah makes an effort to make me happy unlike many of the other game server providers out there. And I appreciate that 110%.

  • Jason is Awesome!!!

  • 2016-07-15
    So I couldn't get a hold of anybody to help with my password info so I contacted live chat and Jason answered well he was amazing! He helped me instantly within 3 minutes password was recovered and emails were changed! (Chat ID: 16346403w) HE is fantastic! i just wanted to let you guys know how great he was and becuase he helped me i am saved as a customer <3

  • Ark @ OorahGaming

  • 2016-07-10
    Oorah Gaming is the best game hosting provider! We have been through our fair share of game hosting providers. My husband and I purchased an Ark game server about 2 weeks ago and have never had any issues with the server. When we reached out to their support staff via ticket for config questions, their response was quick and friendly. Overall great experience! I recommend them to you!

  • Insurgency @ Dallas

  • 2016-06-27
    This is my 4 month review, my first review was back on 2/27. My initial review was about the setup, this review will cover my experience since then. And I am glad to say I haven't had ANY issues in the past 4 months! I have NEVER gone to their support page! I've only had to logon to my account to pay my bill :) This is a clan server so it is full nightly and no one had had any issues with lag or high ping. Excellent service!
    Dan Phelps

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

  • 2016-06-21
    This is my second review of Oorah Gaming and my experience with my Ark game server hosted with them. It's been exactly a week since I started my service and I have been more than happy with the performance of my game server. I have a total of 10 mods now running on the game server, and have yet to experience any lag, rubberbanding, or high ping even. I REALLY appreciate their one click link to install mods which saved me a TON of time and headaches. I also have yet to reach out to Oorah support! Yes, the experience has been that good! Typically I am pretty critical of game hosting providers because there are a lot of crappy ones out there. But surprisingly, I don't have much to say about Oorah Gaming because it has been so good! I would highly recommend them!
    Jim T

  • Unturned Game Server

  • 2016-06-18
    I have an Unturned game server in Chicago now for almost 2 months. This is my very first game server ever so this was all 100% new to me. Oorah's support was always available and helped every step of the way. Connecting to the game server and changing the config are the two things I needed help on. Their response was quick and friendly. The game server runs smooth and never experienced any performance issues. They're a great game hosting provider!

  • ARK: Survival Evolved

  • 2016-06-14
    This will be my first review of Oorah Gaming and my experience with my Ark game server hosted with them. Ordering, checkout, installation all went with no issues. The game server was slow to startup the first time, but since then it starts/stops/restarts with no issues. Ark is not a small game so it typically takes some time anyways. At other providers it would normally take more than a minute to start, but at Oorah it starts up under a minute. This is of course dependent on how many mods you run. Oorah's game servers must have some serious horse power! I had no issue connecting to the game server via adding it to my Steam Server Browser, then having it appear in my in game favorites. First play I experienced no lag, had a low ping, and got right to work building my fort and taming my beasts. I was impressed with Oorah Gaming!
    Jim T

  • DinnoMadness

  • 2016-06-11
    I have a Ark server in Dallas. Oorah Gaming offers awesome support for Ark! They have made the mod installation process very easy and quick with their custom script. Enter the mod id and click execute, and the mod automatically downloads to your game server! No need for FTP downloading and uploading manually to your server. And because it's downloading directly from the server in the datacenter the mod is downloaded 10x faster! Saved me a lot of time! Oorah is the best!

  • Unturned Seattle

  • 2016-04-10
    I run a private unturned server in Seattle for my friends. I never experience any issues with OorahGaming. I tell every gamer I know about them.

  • Great Support

  • 2016-03-06
    I have a Killing Floor 2 server in Chicago. I initially had issues getting workshops to work. The support helped me get it working, I had input the download url to the wrong config file. Response was quick, helpful, and friendly. I appreciate it!

  • Insurgency @ Dallas

  • 2016-02-27
    Everything stated on their website was accurate. Game server included the free teamspeak and setup was as instant as it could be, steam updates took a while but I don't think that has to do with OorahGaming. Never have any lag or high ping, and map changes are VERY quick even with a full 32 slot server. I credit that to their SSD drives. Great service that I wish I found sooner!
    Dan Phelps

  • Frankfurt Game Server

  • 2016-02-06
    I have a Killing Floor 2 game server in Frankfurt with Oorah Gaming. Ordering, setup, config, was all flawless without any issues. I am located in Amsterdam and the performance has been great.

  • Best Space Engineers Support

  • 2016-02-04
    I have a Space Engineers server located in LA. Most of my friends are located in LA, but a couple of them are in Sydney and even they have a great ping! Never lags or rubberbands. And the Oorah support was always available to help me with my config. Great staff and friendly.

  • The best game server hosting provider.

  • 2016-01-06
    OorahGaming is the best game server hosting provider. Support response times are always fast, staff is knowledgeable, and the game server never has lag or issues. I highly recommend you to go with them.

  • CEO, Rosa Gaming Services

  • 2015-12-29
    O'Neil Online is absolutely fantastic! Through Oorah Gaming, they host my gaming server, TS3 Server and Web Domain. Their technical support staff is friendly and helpful. The performance and uptime of their services is absolutely amazing! I have had other hosting companies in the past and none can compare to these guys! I am a loyal customer and would not go to any other company after everything that this company has helped me to achieve. Thank you!
    Mark Rosa

  • The best ping!

  • 2015-12-02
    I know Oorah Gaming's parent company ONeilOnline recently did a massive upgrade to their Chicago datacenter based on the detailed info emailed to us prior to the updates. Prior to the updates my ping was 55-65ms to the Chicago datacenter. After the upgrades now my ping is 40-50ms! This is crazy fast because usually Dallas which everyone knows has the best network, I usually get 50-55ms. So yea, now Chicago is beating it! And it's not only me, all my friends and clan members say it's awesome playing on our server now. The upgrades have been a great performance increase! Awesome!

  • Space Engineers

  • 2015-11-17
    I have a Space Engineers game server hosted in Seattle. The server has excellent ping and never lags. I see a lot of positive game reviews online about Oorah Gaming. It's all 100% true!
    Space Cadet

  • Oorah Gaming Review

  • 2015-10-02
    I have only been a customer for a month, but I wanted to share my experience. Ordering and setup of my game server and teamspeak was quick and automatic. I needed help on configing my server, changing the command line mainly. Their live chat was always available and quick to help. Their support tickets were equally as fast on responses. I highly recommend them!

  • Best Support

  • 2015-09-27
    I found Oorah Gaming from one of the public servers they run for Insurgency in Los Angeles. I played there for about a month before I made the move to purchasing my own game server. I was really hesitant because I have no idea how to run or setup a game server. Form the beginning I created a support ticket asking them for help and explained I had no idea what I was doing. I wanted this config run, fast downloads, etc, etc. Oorah Gaming support setup and config the entire server for me! I couldn't believe it! Within an hour of getting the server, I had it up and running exactly how I wanted it. Incredible service! I would recommend everyone to Oorah Gaming because they take care of you! The best support ever! Above and beyond! Thank you!
    Mr. Wonderful

  • #1 Game Hosting Provider

  • 2015-09-06
    I have been gaming for over 10 years. Insurgency, CSGO, AAPG are what I play mostly now. I have hosted game servers with NFO, Gameservers, and Vilayer. All three had crappy support. When the server went offline, it sometimes would take 2-3+ hours to get a reply on a support ticket. Then they would only restart it to get it back online. I heard the reason is they host each instance of gameserver on a VPS. So every customer is basically on their own VPS. And when you get a lot of VPSs on a dedicated server sometimes those VPS will "time out" is what I've been told, and the only way to bring it back online is to restart the VPS. When I learned of this I researched into all the game hosting providers I could find to see who hosted on VPS and who hosted on dedicated servers. OorahGaming not only hosted on dedicated servers, but also had the best features with free voice server and web hosting, AND had great prices. I learned that NFO, Gameservers, and Vilayer host on VPS because it allows them to cram a lot of game servers onto one dedicated server = Cheap Bastards! I immediately made the move to OorahGaming and never looked back and have never had any doubts about my decision. In the couple of years I have now been with OorahGaming the few support tickets I've created for mod install/update issues their response time has been all within a minute, I would even say within 30 seconds! And this is not only the first response, but the second, third, and forth! Their support team must be bored! LOL No lag, low ping, no issues to report with their game servers. I would recommend every gamer to look into OorahGaming and stop tolerating crappy support and service, because there is better! OorahGaming is the best game hosting provider, hands down, bar none!

  • CSGO

  • 2015-09-05
    I have 3 CSGO servers with them for our clan matches and for open play. Our clan members are spread from Europe to Asia. All of them are amazed and say their ping is the best with OorahGaming. I'm not sure why or how they do it, but thank you for having a great network. OorahGaming is the best!

  • Testimonials

  • 2015-08-16
    Testimonials are submitted from within your account area. You can create as many as you want, edit them, or remove them. I thought it was really cool that they allow the customer to do this. It's so easy! I have been a fan of Oorah Gaming for some time now. I recommend them to all my gaming friends. And I think everyone who hosts with them should be creating their own testimonials to post. Spread the word how great they are!

  • Arma 3 Epoch & Killing Floor 2

  • 2015-08-14
    I have two servers with Oorah Gaming in Los Angeles. They perform great!

  • Great Hosting

  • 2015-07-26
    I have a 7 Days To Die server with Oorah Gaming in Dallas. I have had no issues with performance and all my friends who play with me report all excellent pings in the teens. Great game everyone should play!

  • CODMW3

  • 2015-07-11
    I got my free slurpy today from 7-Eleven! But as a side note, I've had a CODMW3 server with Oorah Gaming now for 4 months. Have only happy things to say. No issues, no lag, just happy fragging!

  • Unbeleivable

  • 2015-06-17
    When I first came across Oorah Gaming I had a hard time believing their service was any good. With free web hosting and free voice server it sounded like they were giving away their services, must have been crap. But with prices so cheap, I only had a couple of dollars to loose, so why not test and see? I purchased an Insurgency server since it seamed popular with them. Setup was quick and had no issues. The voice server came online just as fast as the game server. Hopped on and set the server to matchmaking so it would populate relatively quick. In about 2 hours the server was full. No lag, No performance issues. One month later, I have no issues to report. Two months, still no issues. I'm now using the server for our clan matches when needed. Haven't had any issues to report. I'm really surprised what a great service it's turned out to be. I would recommend more to try out Oorah Gaming.

  • America's Army Proving Grounds

  • 2015-06-16
    I have 2 AAPG servers hosted with Oorah Gaming. Everything was setup fast and without issue, including the PB screenshot access. Other providers I've been with didn't allow PB screenshot access. Never experience lag even with a full server. I would recommend hosting AAPG with Oorah Gaming!

  • The Best Support!

  • 2015-06-06
    I run an Insurgency server with a lot of custom mods and skins. Every time I submitted a support ticket the support staff responded within a minute! Always willing to help and show me how to do things. They always go above and beyond! Thank you!

  • #1 Game Hosting Provider

  • 2015-05-29
    Why? Oorah Gaming cares about your game server. Their support team will work on an issue until it is resolved and you are happy. If that's installing a mod or creating a custom config, they are willing to help, they know what they are doing. Oorah Gaming cares about the gaming community. They sponsor more clans, communities, leagues and tournaments than any other game hosting provider. Oorah Gaming servers perform awesome. Never any lag, quick map loads, I think that's why so many communities and leagues are hosted on their servers. Clearly thousands trust them for game hosting and have put them #1 above all the rest!

  • Insurgency Server Hosting

  • 2015-05-14
    If you haven't noticed Oorah Gaming is all over the Insurgency community hosting game servers and sponsoring game servers. The reason is because they know how to host an excellent INS server. No lag spikes and excellent support AND an excellent price! Those other game service providers are a joke by charging WAY too much. Oorah offers way more features, better quality network, and MUCH better support. It's an obvious choice.

  • Killing Floor 2

  • 2015-04-10
    Oorah Gaming is the only one of a couple game server providers out there that offer Killing Floor 2 with more than 8 slots. Their order form lists 52 slots available! Not many providers have the quality and power in their servers to be able to host that many slots. I have been completely happy with the performance of my 24 slots. Everyone should give oorah gaming a go!

  • Gaming Testimonial

  • 2015-03-23
    Not only does Oorah provide the best servers on the market, their customer support is the fastest and easiest I have ever seen with any company! If you are coming down to which server provider to pick, I recommend Oorah. You won't be disappointed. Vas'Avi - Halo Champions 2014 Youtube Network Gaming News
    Vas'Avi Network

  • Oorah Gaming takes care of you.

  • 2015-02-23
    I've been with Oorah now for about 2 months, and any issues or config questions they are always ready to help or do it for me. Ticket response times in less than 15min. They know what they are doing. Unlike other game hosts out there who don't care, Oorah definitely cares about the server being online, no lag, and having happy gamers.

  • Best Insurgency Hosting!

  • 2015-01-28
    We have had an 32 slot Insurgency server with Oorah for almost a year now. That includes the 32 slot TS3 voice server that comes free. The staff know what they are doing and are always available, quick ticket response times. Never experience lag or downtime. Did I mention the staff are 110% more friendly, and I feel like they don't just brush me off, compared to those other game server providers like NFO or gameservers. Oorah Gaming is definitely better than them!

  • The best game server hosting provider.

  • 2015-01-06
    OorahGaming is the best game server hosting provider. Support response times are always fast, staff is knowledgeable, and the game server never has lag or issues. I highly recommend you to go with them.

  • Amazing sponsors, best of the best

  • 2014-12-24
    What can i say? Oorah has always come through with us, we had sponsors , treat us like dirt or simply do not give a rats butt about us, but Oorah/Oneil Online has always been there for us. We feel like ,they treat us like part of the family , and not just a person through a computer screen. Tickets are fast and they got all the tech stuff figured out. They always know what you want, what you need, and what you are talking about! Nothing more can be said than thanks for being there for us, you guys are best of the best AKA: Mucho Bueno!
    Vas'Avi Gaming

  • best provider ever

  • 2014-10-22
    Best prices and best customer service. Website,Teamspeak, and Server all for one low price....even fast repsonses from tickets...it's almost too good to be true.I love these guys

  • 12 Years!

  • 2014-06-23
    I just realized 12 Years to the day tomorrow we have been with Oorah Gaming. Yes we are still around, Yes they are still around! You could even read my previous testimonial below! LOL The servers are still going strong! Thank you for the years of excellent service!
    5th Infantry Division

  • Team Fortress 2

  • 2014-01-06
    I have had a TF2 server with Oorah Gaming for almost a year now and I have never experienced any issues with it. Even with the server full, no lag, low ping, no issues. Great solid service.

  • Insurgency

  • 2013-10-09
    Our gaming clan purchased a 28 slot Insurgency server just over 8 months ago. The support staff at oneilonline really knows what they are doing and how to run a steam server. They have helped us with every tweak to our server to get it running just the way we want. Awesome work! Thank you!
    Michael W

  • I'm a person not a number.

  • 2013-07-03
    With other game hosting providers I've been with in the past I was treated like a number. Client #124, Customer #124, of Customer $12.40 no matter how you put it. With Oorah Gaming it was all first names, talking about games, mods, stats, leagues, how to run a better server, and where we're playing tonight. It's not unheard of to see Oorah Gaming staff on our clan server or in our forums. A completely different experience that sets Oorah Gaming apart from those other providers. They genuinely feel like a community of game players, who happen to also be a game server provider. An excellent game server provider to boot! I highly recommend them.

  • Insurgency

  • 2013-07-02
    Our clan has had an Insurgency server with Oorah for over 6 months now. My guess is Oorah is the largest Insurgency host out there. Seams everyone is with them. Clearly the best choice.
    True Grit

  • Oorah Gaming is the best!

  • 2013-02-12
    I have a few game servers with Oorah. As our clan has grown and shrank over the years we've naturally increased or decrease the number of slots on our servers. Oorah will change the number of slots the following month and not worry about the price difference. Goes to show it's not always about the money, but ensuring the customer is always gaming and happy. Thank you for great customer service and a great hosting service.
    Hard Core

  • COD Server

  • 2012-11-22
    I have a personal COD server. I have never had any high ping or lag on the server. Always runs smooth even with 30+ people. Great game server provider.

  • Crazy Low Prices

  • 2012-08-13
    When I first came across Oorah Gaming everything about them seamed too good to be true. But at such a low price, what did I have to loose? That was 6 months ago! Oorah Gaming has been the best! No lag, fast pings, great control panel, great support. I have nothing bad to say about them. They are definitely worth more than what they price their services at. Heck I would pay more, but I'm not complaining! Oorah Gaming all the way!

  • Game Update Failure

  • 2012-06-09
    The Insurgency game server refused to update. I got a support ticket response within 15 minutes. Xavier was able to complete a reinstall and mirror our config to the new server. Started the server back up and was good to go! The entire process from me submitting the ticket to being back online playing took a total of only 35 minutes. Impressive, can you tell me a similar experience with another provider? I don't think so! Oorah Gaming is the bomb!

  • CSS

  • 2012-05-27
    Ordering and setup was a breeze! TCAdmin control panel rocks! Great setup guys!

  • Thank You Sponsor!

  • 2012-05-15
    This may appear to be a little biased because Oorah Gaming is our sponsor so we get their services for free. But because we are free often it is assumed that we will be last on the priority list. That is not the case with Oorah Gaming. Our support ticket responses are easily less than 5 minutes. The staff is always helping us out with advertising, getting our name out there, giving us ideas on how to recruit, and supporting our league play with match servers. They have help us a bunch! Thank you!
    Greg G

  • Server Offline

  • 2012-01-01
    Our CSS Server went offline on new years eve! Not midnight but at 9:12pm. I got a support ticket response from Xavier in less than 5 minutes. He was able to reboot the server node and was back up and playing. I was so surprised to get a response that quick on new years! Awesomeness.

  • CSS Server

  • 2011-07-02
    Our clan has a CSS server with Oorah Gaming. We have been with them for 6 month now. I've never submitted a support ticket and our server has never had any issues, no lag to report.

  • The Best Game Servers

  • 2011-04-09
    Oorah Gaming provides the best game servers out there without a doubt. Low prices, great package, excellent customer service, low ping, no lag. I think everyone should sign up with them.

  • Oorah Gamers

  • 2011-03-21
    I just got done playing Insurgency with Xavier and Jason from Oorah Gaming. It was SO cool knowing I was playing with them! I think I can report they are definitely not newbs. Great staff at Oorah Gaming.

  • LA COD

  • 2010-11-23
    We have a COD game server in LA with Oorah Gaming. No issues to report for 4 months now.
    Dan Kim

  • Insurgency

  • 2010-10-27
    We have been hosting our Insurgency clan with Oorah Gaming for just a month but wanted to share how great their service and staff have been with all the questions we had in configing our game server and helping us get the stats streaming to our website. Jason has been particularly helpful as he was the one who helped us in majority of the questions. Thank you for getting things working so well.

  • Maintenance

  • 2010-06-12
    What I have seen with Oorah Gaming that I have not seen with any other provider is how they have a maintenance schedule on their servers. At least that is what I was told by their staff Jason via support ticket. When Oorah feels the server hardware is getting outdated, they will move all the game servers on that server node to a new server node. Jason said it was to ensure the customers have quality, high performing hardware at all times on their game server, and to ensure no hardware failures. I thought this was a great idea and unique to Oorah services. Just another reason I should share that makes Oorah Gaming such a good provider.
    Mike Zapato

  • Unbelievable

  • 2010-04-02
    I have never seen prices so low per slot from any game server provider. Then on top of that to offer free web hosting and free voice server with every game server? Where are you making any money? That is what I thought 8 months ago when I signed up. I have never been happier with a GSP. No service issues or lag, and they respond quick to support tickets. Unbelievable, but 100% REAL.

  • COD Clan with Oorah Gaming

  • 2010-02-04
    We have a game server and voice server with Oorah Gaming. I have nothing but good words to share about Oorah. Their response time on tickets is faster than any provider I have been with. Their network is solid, never experienced lag or high ping. Keep up the great works guys!
    -(O)- Clan

  • Excellent Hosting

  • 2010-01-10
    We have been with Oorah Gaming for 6 months now and we are 100% happy with our service. We have experienced no issues, I have yet to submit a support ticket, yes it's that good. Everyone should check them out and give them a go.
    [U]T Clan

  • Oorah Gaming League [OGL]

  • 2010-01-02
    I am so impressed with the OGL. One of the best gaming leagues out there, well organized and match servers are always performing well. I recommend all the clans I know to sign up! Thanks for providing such a great service!
    Justin B

  • Highly Recommend

  • 2009-06-09
    I highly recommend Oorah Gaming for their excellent customer service. Support ticket response times are less than 15 minutes, I've never had anything longer than that. The staff is very knowledgeable about game server configs, game server addons, game server mods, and game server stats. The staff are always available to help, for questions, or to just talk fragging. Everyone should check them out!

  • Awesome Service

  • 2009-05-23
    Oorah Gaming is the gaming service provider to beat! They have an excellent network with low latency and low ping. And their staff is great! We love all you guys, Michael, Xavier, Jason, and Jennifer. Its been fun hanging with all of you at the LAN Parties. We look forward to being with you guys as long as we are around. Thank you.
    Murder Squad

  • DODS

  • 2008-08-12
    Our clan has been with Oorah Gaming for 2 years now. A game server with web hosting and a voice server, all included. An offer that is unbeatable. With quick response on tickets and a performance network it puts the icing on the cake! Everyone should be changing over to Oorah Gaming!
    Matt Fields

  • Pajama Party

  • 2008-06-20
    Thank you for sponsoring our Pajama Party again for the third year in a row! I know we drastically under estimated the number of clans that showed up to the event, but your servers were troopers and had no issues with the loads! VERY impressive! We hope the event is another success next year when it's in Denver! Thank you!

  • CSS & COD

  • 2008-06-06
    We are a clan of 58 persons, with about 35 of us going to your sponsored Pajama Party. We look forward to staking our claim at the lan party and meeting the staff of Oorah Gaming! Everyone should know about your excellent service and awesome staff. You guys rock!
    KillingMe --IMF--

  • Insurgency

  • 2008-01-03
    I was so surprised to see Oorah Gaming supporting Insurgency so soon! Our clan is one of the first to be sending shots down range :) Thank you for your excellent support! Great service providers!

  • COD Server

  • 2007-11-27
    We have a COD server with Oorah Gaming. Their support and staff are a great asset. They are always available to answer questions or talk game. I have played with a couple of their staff members online. They have skills online and at work! I would recommend this great team for anyone who is interested in a game server.

  • The Entire Package

  • 2007-06-02
    Oorah Gaming offers the entire package. Web hosting, voice server hosting, and game server hosting. With their incredible prices I was wondering how they did it? It seams too good to be true. I can rest assure you they are 100% legit. Oorah Gaming has been around since 2002, the latest I could see. I have been with them for over a year now. I have no issues or complaints. Oorah Gaming is the best.
    Elite Player

  • #1 Game Server Provider

  • 2007-03-13
    I have been with Oorah gaming for over 2 years now. I have never experienced any issues with the server or voice server. I recommend them to all my friends online. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
    Stan Smith

  • Best GSP

  • 2007-01-04
    Oorah Gaming is by far the best game server provider out there. Free web hosting, free voice server, cheap game server, no other provider can compete! We love our service with them!

  • The Lounge

  • 2006-06-20
    The Lounge is a gaming cafe located in Orange County. We signed up with Oorah Gaming to host game servers for our cafe. Their support is the best, whatever issue we have, whatever needs we have, they are always accommodating. We look forward to working with you and your great staff!

  • CSS Clan Sponsor

  • 2006-03-14
    Thank you for adopting our crazy clan for your sponsorship. We have been actively gaming for over a year now and look forward to growing with Oorah Gaming.

  • Voice Server

  • 2005-08-28
    Our small international web gaming clan host our voice server with Oorah Gaming. Considering our members are spread all over the world the quality and clarity of the voice communication is excellent. I would recommend them.

  • Excellent Support

  • 2005-05-20
    I am clueless when it comes to config setups for game servers. None of it ever makes sense. That was my biggest fear in getting a game server. Oorah Gaming put me at ease. With their game server control panel and quick response times via support ticket they were able to help me with everything. More like they were able to do everything for me. I would recommend Oorah for everyone interested in a game server.

  • Metamod Nightmare

  • 2005-02-17
    I was having the hardest time getting metamod to work on our new game server. Oorah Gaming staff was available to help immediately. In about 5 minutes they got it working on the server. I should have just contacted them first rather than me spending half a day trying to get it work. Lesson learned. Oorah Gaming staff is awesome!
    Frank N Beans

  • DOD Clan

  • 2005-01-16
    We have been hosting with Oorah Gaming for almost a year now. We have not experienced any issues since signing up with them. Great hosting provider.
    DOD Clan

  • Game On!

  • 2005-01-06
    I just wanted to post again since I am about to head out back to college. Oorah Gaming is still going strong. I've had no issues or complaints. Oorah Gaming is still awesome!
    Kill Freak...again

  • Game on!

  • 2004-12-11
    I've been home for college winter break and have been doing nothing but gaming 24/7, at least it seams like it. My game server has been full for most of the time and hasn't had an issue, running smooth as ever. Oorah Gaming is awesome!
    Kill Freak

  • Game Server Issues

  • 2004-09-05
    From the beginning I had the hardest time setting up our custom CSS server. No matter what I did the server would crash or not work properly. I reached out to Oorah staff and Jason responded within 15 minutes. We started with a fresh install, then he proceeded to install all the configs, addons, and custom maps I wanted. Talked with me through the entire process so I knew how to do it myself in the future. In all it took almost 2 hours to complete. Jason was the best help ever. I am so glad I signed up with Oorah Gaming. I would highly recommend them.

  • LA Game Server

  • 2004-07-20
    We are a LA based Korean CSS clan. Oorah Gaming is the best game server provider!
    Jung Lee

  • CSS Clan - Devil's Rejects

  • 2004-04-26
    We have been with then for over 1 year now. Our experience has been flawless. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a full service, one stop, shop for your gaming clan. Web hosting, voice server, and game server. Great outfit!
    Devil's Rejects

  • 32 Slot CSS

  • 2004-04-06
    I just bought a CSS server with Oorah. Checkout and instant activation was smooth and successful. Got online gaming in about 15 minutes! I heard about Oorah Gaming online via another clan server I was playing on. Everyone had great things to say. I look forward an issue free experience and lots of time on our new server! Thanks!
    AOC Unlimited

  • Server Issues

  • 2003-08-12
    Having been with Oorah Gaming for over 2 months in Dallas, suddenly we started experiencing lag at night when the server was full. I submitted a support ticket and spoke with Xavier about the lag. He couldn't find anything wrong with the server node and recommended to move the game server to another node in Dallas. In about 45 minutes he was able to mirror our server config to a new server node and we were up and fragging once again. 2 month now since we move the server and have had no issues since to report. That has been our only issue to date. Thanks Xavier for your quick action to keep us gaming!
    AGC Clan

  • Best Support Response Times

  • 2003-06-06
    Oorah Gaming has the best response times of any game server provider I have been with. I've tried 3 other providers before I found Oorah. I left the other providers because their support response time was ridiculously slow, sometimes I would go an entire day without a response. Less than 15 min and Oorah staff is there. George answered my pre-sale questions and help tweak our server once we got up and running. Great support, great experience. I think I'll be here for a long time! Thanks!
    Nathan L

  • Excellent Support

  • 2003-02-04
    We were having all kinds of issues customizing our CSS server. Oorah Gaming staff helped us with everything. They were always available and knew exactly how to get what we wanted. Now our server is the best! And our clan members love it!

  • New York Game Server

  • 2002-11-15
    I started hosting our game server with Oorah Gaming about 5 months ago. Moving to them has been the best decision ever! Free voice server, free web hosting, and free tickrate settings = AWESOME!

  • Thank You Sponsor!

  • 2002-07-21
    Thank you for sponsoring our LAN event here in La Jolla, CA! Setup and take down went flawless, your servers performed perfectly, and I know it's no easy feat getting such high bandwidth to a location for such a short time. Everyone had such a great time and the battles were awesome! I think it's safe to speak on behalf of everyone that was there, especially us, The Wrecking Crew, a big THANK YOU!!!
    The Wrecking Crew

  • Best Game Server Provider

  • 2002-06-24
    Oorah Gaming has sponsored our gaming clan. They have helped us setup our webiste, voice server, and game server config. Any addons, stats streaming they have helped us every step of the way. Everyone should check them out!
    5th Infantry Division

  • The Best Clan Sponsor!

  • 2002-06-14
    Thank you so much for sponsoring our gaming clan! The game server, voice server, website, and fast download url. I can't believe we got all of those for free! Amazing! Thank you so much!