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Windows vs Linux Game Server Hosting, What is the difference?

We are not bring up the old debate of which operating system is better, Windows or Linux. This is strictly basing our judgement on our experience with the performance of the game servers. I say again: Hosting the game server on a Windows or Linux operating system only affects the PERFORMANCE of the game server. Oorah Gaming wants to offer the best experience possible, and through our testing of different games, results in performance were different in Windows vs Linux as the chosen operating system for the specific game.

Other than performance, as the end user, the difference between Windows and Linux is NOTHING. FTP, game files, game config settings, etc, are all the same. You access, manage, and montior the game servers using the same methods regardless of the operating system of the game server.

Below is our recommendation of which operating system is best for each game:
  • Steam Games

    - Majority of Steam Games, when offered in Linux, out perform the equvalent game run on a Windows operating system. On Linux these games run MUCH more stable, not needing any game restarts or experience crashes. Additionally, when the tickrate command is used, the tickrate performs more true. These games are utilize memory much better on Linux. If you plan on using the game server for clan or tournament matches we highly recommend a Linux based server. These are, but not limited to, CS, CSS, DOD, DODS, CSGO, Garry's Mod, Insurgency, etc.
  • ARMA, COD Series & 7 Days To Die Games

    - These games ONLY run on the Windows operating system.
Oorah Gaming feels the difference between the Windows and Linux operating systems are significant enough that we chose to pass this choice in performance difference to you the customer. As you see on our website, the buy buttons allow for either hosting on Windows or Linux.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our sales team.