$ per slot

Included Game Server Features

  • Instant Activation, Online 24/7

    Once your order is placed, Oorah Gaming's instant activation system deploys your server to your desired location. Our system also monitors the game server to ensure it is online 24/7, even when your away at work or tucked in at night asleep.
  • TCAdmin Control Panel

    TCAdmin is a feature rich control panel that allows you start, stop, restart your game server. It also includes a file manager, config manager, and a command line manager to tweak your game server with any modifications you wish to run. More Info
  • Voice Server

    Includes Teamspeak 3 voice server, with the same number of slots as the game server. Enjoy the clarity and quality voice communications with clan members during matches, or for clan meetings and discussions. You have full admin to create as many channels as you want. The voice server also features a dedicated IP and port so you could assign a domain to the voice server for quick and easy access (Ex: ts1.oorahgaming.com). If you have more than one game server with us, we could merge your slots to make one large Teamspeak voice server. More Info
  • Web Hosting

    Includes web hosting for your clan website, community website, or just to host your live streaming stats from your game server. We could install WordPress, PHPNuke, or any other template based website. We can run hlxstats, psycho stats, or any other stats scripts from your server. Just let us know what your domain name will be and we can get you setup. More Info
  • Fast Downloads or Workshop Downloads

    Fast downloads uses a different server, other than the game server, to stream custom content to your game server so map changes and load times are real quick. No need to use your web hosting for fast downloads, we host an independent server dedicated to fast downloads. Upload your custom content via TCAdmin or FTP to your fastdownloads server. If you wish to stream Steam Workshop content from steam servers, we have no problem setting this up for you. Note: Fast Downloads or Workshop Downloads only applies to Steam based games that accept the settings.
  • Network Tickrate Settings

    Tickrate has a host of side effects on network code, weapon firing speeds, force impulses (like throwing weapons), and physics, all help to create a more consistent experience. The standard server runs at a tickrate of 66, for match and competative play this is not enough. Many clans wish to max this out at a tickrate of 128 to ensure the best accuracy and quality. Though there is much debate on whether this actually makes a difference, we want to make sure you recieve the quality and performance you deserve so there is no doubt in your game play. Just let us know what you want this set at, we have no problem setting this up for you. Note: Fast Downloads or Workshop Downloads only applies to Steam based games that accept the settings.
  • Low Ping Game Hosting

    Our worldgide network, designed by gamers for gamers, offers multiple redundant locations in your geographic region for lag free hosting. Should you change your mind about the location of your server, you can move your server to a new location at any time!

Demo Servers

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